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Liposuction for Men’s Abdomens, Love Handles and Chests Total Male Body Sculpting Transformation

By far, Liposuction of Men’s Abdomens, Love Handles and Chests are a very common requested Cosmetic Surgeries performed. Using the traditional Tumescent Liposuction Technique, we assertively removes the excess fat of men’s abdomens, love handles and chests thus deflating these areas and leaving a flat, smooth, thinner, and V-contoured body and chest. For men who have those stubborn fat locations around their middle, liposuction successfully reduces the waistline in size and thickness. Men can often wear a smaller size pants and shirts within 6 weeks of the surgery. “MEN WANT” 6-pack abs. Liposuction is used in the art of sculpting the “6-pack.” Most of the time, this is combined with lipo-contouring the “love-handles” providing a “ripped” appearing trunk and smaller waistline.