What is Vaser High Definition Surgery?

Vaser High Definition surgery is a more specialised fat removal and body sculpting Vaser Liposuction procedure that can be used on many parts of the body. Vaser Hi Def is suitable for both men and women, with this precise form of treatment targeting only the superficial layer of fat that sits above the muscles. The results from Vaser Hi Def ensure the exposure of a more refined and sculpted figure.

The process of Vaser High Definition treatment uses unique ultrasound energy probes, which break down fat cells and enable them to be gently removed from the specified areas easily. Vaser Hi Def is much less invasive than traditional methods of liposuction, causing less damage to body tissue. It’s a gentler, pioneering procedure that reduces the amount of pain and bruising caused by the treatment and expedites the healing process.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

Which areas can be treated?

EF MEDISPA strives to provide the best Vaser Hi Def surgery in London, ensuring you receive the most bespoke surgical procedures available. Due to its precise capabilities, Vaser High Definition can be used to remove fat from very specific areas.

Clients can choose to target common stubborn areas such as the ‘mummy tummy’, ‘man boobs’ or ‘love handles’, with the treatment also able to help sculpt your legs, hips and buttocks. Please keep in mind the areas of fat that can be removed are unique to each individual, something that will be discussed with your Coordinator during your initial consultation.

For Women

Many women may decide to undergo Vaser High Definition surgery to target stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise alone have failed to tackle. Whether you wish to regain a shapely waistline or remove excess fat from your buttocks, Vaser Hi Def can be a suitable solution for many.

Abdomen & Waist

Many women may have fat around their abdomen and waist


The legs, especially around the hip, inner and outer thigh areas

Abdomen & Waist

The buttocks are one of the most common areas for excess body fat

For Men

Many men want to address specific problem areas including ‘love handles’, the stomach and chest such as ‘man boobs’. With Vaser High Definition surgery at our London clinics, we provide a solution that enables male patients to have superficial fat targeted and removed from specific parts of the body, using our cutting-edge liposuction procedure.

Love Handles

Can affect the shape of a man’s figure, with many men wishing to target this stubborn fat


Achieve that sculpted six-pack look by removing the stubborn layer of fat around your abdomen

Abdomen & Waist

Excess fat around the chest area can make it difficult to build up muscles on your upper body

What Happens During the Procedure?

Vaser Hi Def is carried out in one of our EF MEDISPA London clinics by one of our highly experienced Surgeons and usually lasts from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the areas you would like to treat. Vaser High Definition in London is performed under conscious sedation which reduces the recovery time and eliminates the need for an overnight stay.

During Vaser Hi Def treatment, your Doctor will make a minor incision into the area where the fat is to be removed. A small probe will then be inserted to safely transmit ultrasound energy waves to break down the fat and gentle suction is used to remove it from the treated areas. The precise removal of the excess fat from your problem area results in helping you to achieve a more sculpted appearance.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

Vaser High Definition does not require general anaesthesia or an overnight stay, with the downtime at a minimum. Depending on your health, lifestyle and treated areas you should be able to return to work within approximately 4 to 7 days post-treatment. Every client is individual so 3 to 14 days recovery is expected. EF MEDISPA recommends that you rest for at least 12 hours after Vaser Hi-Def treatment. You will be required to wear a ‘compression garment’ around the treated area following the procedure. This not only aids the healing process and improves results, but it also prevents pockets of fluid from forming and offers you added comfort and support.

The length of time you are required to wear the compression garment depends on the individual patient and the area being treated. Our highly experienced medical team will explain recovery and aftercare in detail during your initial consultation to make sure you are fully informed before deciding to proceed with the Vaser Hi-Def treatment. Your Treatment Coordinator will arrange review appointments and an aftercare treatment plan before the procedure to monitor your progress closely. They will devise the perfect bespoke aftercare plan to enhance your body’s healing process and help you to achieve maximum results.

Vaser Hi-Def Summary

  • Procedure Time: 3-4 hours
  • Back To Work: 4-7 days*
  • Anesthetic: Conscious sedation
  • Downtime: 3-14 days (dependent on area and lifestyle)
  • Duration Of Results: Permanent (dependent on lifestyle)
  • Results: 4-6 weeks*

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