Arm liposculpture has never been easier or safer while achieving such great results. Smooth, strong and toned upper arms can provide the youthful appearance that many aspire to have once again.

The arms and back are one of the toughest areas to tone through exercise. In many cases, people want sleek and slim arms without a muscular appearance which makes reducing fat in these areas through exercise even more difficult. Our lipo-360 provides a viable alternative for improving the appearance of your arms and upper body. Since the procedure is less invasive than other methods, there is minimal scarring and shorter recovery time – a few weeks in most cases. It’s important that surgeons take a conservative approach to liposuction in the arms.

Removing too much fat can produce a bumpy or unnatural look. That’s why it’s common to combine lipo-360 with other skin-tightening methods such as Vella Shape III to produce a smooth appearance with excellent results. But lipo-360 isn’t just for improving arm appearance. In fact, it’s a popular solution for removing fat in a variety of upper body areas including:

  • Accessory breasts: bulges in front of the armpit. (These are very common even in otherwise thin individuals.)
  • Posterior axillary fat pads: bulges in the back of the armpit
  • Most areas throughout the upper, mid, and lower back with undesirable fat deposits
  • Bra roll or bra bulge. We have Sculpted 100’s of Arms so you can get back into that.

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