Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer to the face is an alternative technique to a traditional facelift and reduces the signs of ageing to restore a more youthful, natural appearance

Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer (fat transplantation) uses processed fat from your own body to re-contour and restore volume to the face.

Certain facial areas become sunken with age, and fat transfer can rejuvenate your face and restore a more youthful appearance.

Fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure, used to restore volume and rejuvenate areas of the face and body. Fat cells are removed by liposuction from the donor area – usually the stomach, thighs or buttocks. These cells are then cleansed and processed, before being injected into the facial area – a process that’s very quickly carried out by your expert surgeon. It is performed under local anaesthetic and is a day-case procedure, with no need for an overnight stay. Results are long-lasting, natural and immediate.

Whatever your personal reasons, our highly skilled surgeons at the Cadogan Clinic are pioneers in techniques for fat transfer and will provide world-class facilities for your individual treatment. Our expert team is acutely aware that your appearance can affect your confidence and everyday happiness, and as such we handle each case with sensitivity and discretion. You can rest assured your treatment, performed at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, central London clinic, will deliver the results you desire.

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