Abdomen, Flanks


Think of your favorite pair of jeans. Do you like the way they feel and fit or do you feel inhibited by love handles or a muffin top that bulge over the waistband? Despite their sweet sounding names, there is not much to love about love handles or fleshy muffin tops and sadly, over-sized shirts will not make them disappear.
Flabby flanks afflict both men and women – young and old, large and small. This is an area that accumulates fat around the waistline in front and back, above the hips. People tend to pack extra pounds in this region based on genetics, metabolism and diet. The good news is, you can keep your favorite pair of jeans and get rid of the unloved love handles with liposuction. Tumescent Liposuction is the most advanced technology in liposuction and is a safe and immediate way to contour your shape and have the body you desire.
Trim your waistline, improve your body proportions and wear tighter clothing by shedding unwanted pounds for good. The Smart Lipo® liposuction procedure is the safest way to achieve your physical goals, aside from diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the diet and exercise method does not work on local fat areas that are “programmed” into the body, and traditional liposuction is a riskier surgery that requires general anesthesia and involves scarring.
Flank and love handle liposuction is growing in popularity, because of the local anesthetic procedure used to numb the area when performing the Tumescent technique.
With the tumescent anesthesia, only a local anesthetic is used to numb the area and the patient remains coherent throughout the procedure, which is very safe and relatively painless during recovery. Tiny incisions are made to insert the 3 mm cannula, which gently melts away the fat, while tightening the skin. Fat is removed gently from the targeted areas with precision resulting in less pain, bruising and downtime and smoother results for you.